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Published: 18th March 2012
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The car needs regular maintenance? The house needs maintenance? Happiness also needs to maintain. Most of us knows what to do to maintain our car, fuel, oil, water, brakes etc.. Some of us know what to do, to maintain a house - cleaning, sealing cracks, painting or color, etc.. What is needed to maintain the joy of our lives and why they needed to maintain it? We are all affected by the environment in which we live.rnrn We absorb moods and behaviors from colleagues, acquaintances with whom we spend, friends and family. Some people with whom we come into contact daily are optimistic and happy by nature.rnrn These people are very pleasant for us to be for a company. Some people are pessimistic and depressing. They always see the negative. Sometimes difficult for us to be with.rnrn If we could choose, I would encourage everyone to be happy just with people. In reality, we have no such an option. We can not choose our family or our friends to work and those people with whom we spend most of our time.rnrn As we get more emotionally connected to a particular person (admiration, respect, love, loyalty, etc.) so we adopt the more his behavior even when this behavior is destructive for us. rnrnEven if you are a happy person by nature, you may, unconsciously, to adopt a pessimistic view of human behavior that you appreciate, respect or love. Therefore, your joy and daily needs periodic maintenance. Daily maintenance is simple and takes less than five minutes.rnrn Should perform this exercise once a day, before bed: Take a deep breath and let the air out slowly through your mouth. Repeat three times. To voice or whisper (not only thoughts) Thanks for the five good things: beautiful, enjoyable, or provide that happened to you or you saw during the day (thank the sun came up, thanks I saw a beautiful picture, thank someone smiled at me, thank you smiling at someone, thank you laughed with a friend, Thanks I started something, thanks I finished something ...).rnrn Exercise helps to restore balance to yourself and see before the half cup full "without losing sight of half empty. If by nature you are inclined to pessimism, I recommend to repeat the exercise in the morning - with a small change.rnrn The five things that happened yesterday, say out loud five good things that you want to happen to you during the day (the day I ... see, I am finished, I begin, I'd love from __, ___ give (some) to ___ ...). Anyone can and it always works! Periodic maintenance is required when you notice a little difficult for you with daily maintenance. I do not wait until then.rnrn As I (well, the mechanic) replaces oils and brake checks once every six months (manufacturer's recommendations) that the personal maintenance I do every six months (unless I'm having trouble maintaining daily. Yes. I do the daily maintenance - twice a day). rnrn Exercises daily and periodic maintenance are part of the method of positive thinking designed to allow anyone to see reality as it is. Reality that has difficulties, stress, grief and pain and there are also successes, beauty, pleasure and happiness. rnrn Positive thinking is part of psychology-driven applications (such as preventive medicine. Is also known as positive psychology) is studying the normal condition of man. How to maintain and even improve a person's mental condition normal.rnrn How to identify situations that may develop mental pathologies (diseases and mental disorders) and how to restore the mental balance before the situation deteriorates.rnrn Such as preventive medicine, preventive psychology also believes that a teaspoon of prevention is better than a large spoonful of medicine. Positive thinking is a practical method based on behavioral exercises, visualization exercises and thinking exercises. Implement significant health benefits system both physically and mentally. Provides practical tools to enable the system to deal with anger, grief, depression and negative emotions, enjoy what there is and strive harder, to make the most of the people around you and much more!

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